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        PP-GF30-04¤PP GF30-04

        PP-GF30-04¤PP GF30-04
        • 公司名稱:千泰塑膠原料有限公司
        • 聯系電話:86-0769-33214396 15818465693
        • 傳真:86-0769-88687856
        • 聯系地址:廣東省東莞市樟木頭塑膠中心城三期
        • 電子郵件:275158775@qq.com
        • 聯系人:周生 先生    
        • 發布時間:2019/9/28 17:34:55
        • 認證信息:已認證
        • 光波指數:10  分
        • 會員評價總數:0  條
        • 公司經營模式:生產商


        ◆  規格說明:

        產品規格 25KG 產品數量 66666 包裝說明 原廠原包 價格說明 電議

        ◆  產品說明:

        PP-GF30-04¤PP GF30-04PP/MF006S、TPE/EM631-HB、PC/DMX3415M、PC/ABSS4210、PP 、PC/ABS/DN-3510F、PPOˉPPˉ RV00AXX9、LCP/A530/、 ABS基 A1R21G33、 LCP長春LCP-270N4TL、POM/C5202 7G、PPˉPP-124M、PA66ˉASLF20、PC/ABS FR3008、PBT/GF40-09/、【句子ABS Normal performance of ABS: Plastic ABS is nontoxic and tasteless, and its appearance is ivory color semitransparent, or transparent particles or powdery. The density of 3 1.05~1.18g/ cm, the co action rate was 0.4%~0.9%, elastic modulus 2Gpa, Poisson's ratio is 0.394, the hygroscopicity of <1%, the melting te C, the thermal decomposition temperature of >250 DEG C. mechanical property Plastic ABS has excellent mechanical properties and excellent impact strength. It can be used at very low temperature. The wearability of plastic ABS is excellent, its dimensional stability is good, and its oil resistance is good. It can be used for bearings under moderate load and low speed. The vermicular resistance of ABS is larger than that of PSF and PC, but smaller than that of PA and POM. Thermal Properties The thermal deformation temperature of the plastic ABS is 93~118 C, and the products can also be raised about 10 degrees C after annealing. ABS can still show a certain toughness at -40 C, and can be used in the temperature range of -40~100 C. Electrical properties Plastic ABS has good electrical insulation and is almost unaffected by temperature, humidity and frequency. It can be used in most of the environment. Environmental performance Plastic ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkali and various acids. But it can be dissolved in ketones, aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbons, and it will produce stress cracking by erosion of glacial acetic acid and vegetable oil. The weatherability of ABS is poor, and it is easy to degrade under ultraviolet light, and the impact strength is reduced by half after half a year. Thermal properties of PP Polypropylene has good heat resistance, and products can be sterilized at temperatures above 100 degrees C, without external force, and no deformation at 150. The embrittlement temperature is -35 C, and the brittleness will occur at lower than -35 C, and the cold resistance is not as good as that of polyethylene. For polypropylene glass transition temperature values reported a 18qC, 0qC, 5 DEG C, this is because people with different samples, containing crystalline phase and amorphous phase of different proportion, so that the amorphous part caused by the different chain length of molecular chain. The melting temperature of polypropylene increased by 40 than 50% about approximately 164 % isotactic polypropylene melting point of 176 DEG C. chemical stability The chemical stability of PP is very good, in addition to being conce ated sulfuric acid and conce ated nitric acid erosion, are relatively stable for other kinds of chemical reagents, but low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons can make polypropylene softening and swelling, while its chemical stability with the increase of crystallinity is increased, so polypropylene is suitable for producing various chemical pipes and fittings, good anticorrosion effect. LLDPE according to the life of the extruder, it is possible to widen the die gap, improve the air ring, modify the screw design to better extrude, and increase the motor power and torque if necessary. For injection applications, there is no need to improve the equipment, but the processing conditions need to be optimized. Rotational processing requirements of LLDPE grinding into uniform particles (35 mesh). The process includes filling the mold with a powder like LLDPE, heating and rotating the die with a biaxial direction to make the LLDPE evenly distributed. After cooling, the product is removed from the mold. The crystallinity of polyethylene with different density is different. The crystallinity has a linear relationship with the density, and they have a significant influence on many properties of polyethylene. As the existence of the short chain of polyethylene interferes with the crystallization of the main chain, the increase of the short chain will destroy the crystallization and reduce the density. The homopolymer high density polyethylene (HDPE) contains very few short branched chains, so it has high crystallinity and high density. Although LLDPE and HDPE belong to linear polyethylene, LLDPE is entirely the copolymerization of ethylene with alpha olefins. The copolymerization of LLDPE containing copolymer monomer ratio and high density, so there are many short chain linear backbone of LLDPE, the crystallinity and density are low; and the number of categories due to its short branched with different monomers varies, if the number of carbon atoms in the comonomer content. In the copolymer also, the copolymer density decreased also.


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